House of Feanor

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A Bard's Abode

Hapsburg Eagle

Why the "Bard" theme?

Bards are storytellers and artisans who express themselves and influence others through song, story and art. That's what I do (except by day I'm a systems analyst)...

See my other pages for things I do and care about, which is more revealing about me than anything I could say here.

"I So Wanted to Be Jess Harley!" Leatherhead

If you ever read the TMNT©, you may know this quote by Leatherhead... He has been turned into Leatherhead (a mutant alligator) by the swamp witch Mary Bones, and gets tricked into attacking the turtles by Shredder. The evil ninja master had convinced Leatherhead he could be himself again if he defeated them, but of course it was a trick.
No, I never was an elf; but I do sympathize with poor old Leatherhead.